A training paradigm to enhance performance and safe use of an innovative neuroendovascular device Donald R. Ricci, Thomas R. Marotta, Howard A. Riina, Martina Wan, Joost De Vries
Determining the value of medical technologies to treat ultra-rare disorders: a consensus statement Michael Schlander, Silvio Garattini, Peter Kolominsky-Rabas, Erik Nord, Ulf Persson, Maarten Postma, Jeff Richardson, Steven Simoens, Oriol Solà-Morales, Keith Tolley, Mondher Toumi
The quality of life of Spanish patients with Huntington’s disease measured with H-QoL-I and EQ-5D Julie Dorey, Emilie Clay, Amine Khemiri, Anis Belhadj, Patricia Trigo Cubillo, Mondher Toumi
Risk of discontinuation of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products clinical trials Eve Hanna, Cecile Rémuzat, Pascal Auquier, Mondher Toumi
Cost-effectiveness analysis of the direct and indirect impact of intranasal live attenuated influenza vaccination strategies in children: alternative country profiles Edward Gibson, Najida Begum, Federico Martinón-Torres, Marco Aurélio Safadi, Alfred Sackeyfio, Judith Hackett, Sankarasubramanian Rajaram
Cost-effectiveness of ocriplasmin for the treatment of vitreomacular traction and macular hole Craig Bennison, Stephanie Stephens, Benedicte Lescrauwaet, Ben van Hout, Timothy L. Jackson
Overview of external reference pricing systems in Europe Cécile Rémuzat, Duccio Urbinati, Olfa Mzoughi, Emna El Hammi, Wael Belgaied, Mondher Toumi
Pharmaceutical market access in emerging markets: concepts, components, and future Anuj Kumar, Karthaveerya Juluru, Phani Kishore Thimmaraju, Jayachandra Reddy, Anand Patil
Drug Pricing Reform in China: analysis of piloted approaches and potential impact of the reform Yixi Chen, Shanlian Hu, Peng Dong, Åsa Kornfeld, Patrycja Jaros, Jing Yan, Fangfang Ma, Mondher Toumi
The value of innovation under value-based pricing Santiago G, Moreno, Joshua A. Ray
Feasibility and attractiveness of indication value-based pricing in key EU countries Mathias Flume, Marc Bardou, Stefano Capri, Oriol Sola-Morales, David Cunningham, Lars-Ake Levin, Nicolas Touchot
Current process and future path for health economic assessment of pharmaceuticals in France Mondher Toumi, Cécile Remuzat, Emna El Hammi, Aurélie Millier, Samuel Aballéa, Christos Chouaid, Bruno Falissard

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